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Parker Personal Care Homes

💩 - May 17, 2022 - Accountability
Do your own online research of this place before trusting your loved ones lives. multiple investigations, consumer & client complaints, & unsafe conditions which have directly resulted in death to the at risk adults they claim to protect. The staff here will bold faced lie to you- repetitively, then turn around and continue to manipulate, coerce, and abuse these vulnerable adults on multiple levels. (ie: physical/emotional/financial/ psychological/sexual). PPCH is known to use their power to overstep legal and personal boundaries. PPCH has no interests or regard for families & instead influences the mentally handicapped clients to turn on all biological family. This FOR PROFIT organization does not internally hold any employees accountable, instead they have their host home providers get an LLC - even in homes with only 1-2 clients. They've also recently been audited by the State Medicaid program: for FRAUD- so it's probably safe to assume that type of behavior has likely been