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The Cost, You can expect a Doberdor to cost anywhere between $300 and $1000. If someone is selling a puppy for much less than this, it’s a red flag that suggests the puppy didn’t cost much to raise. They likely don’t have all their shots or adequate socialization. Yepovannes…, Appearance, More

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Doberdor. The Doberdor is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Doberman Pinscher and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Intelligent, protective, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Doberdors are also sometimes known as the Labraman. You can find these mixed breed dogs in shelters and breed ... More

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The Doberdor is a hybrid that can stand anywhere from 25 to 28 inches in height. They tend to have coat colors very similar to that of their Doberman parent. Coat colors often range from black, blues, reds and fawns with the unique rust markings most notably present on the chest area, muzzle, neck, above the eyes, paws and tail tip. More

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Locate Puppies For Sale in Welby Colorado @ PuppiesCute.com find the best Welby Puppies For Sale. Welby, Colorado Puppies For Sale Population: (15,510) Select the breed of puppy you are looking for from the list below. If your breed is not listed please use the search box. German Shepherd Golden Retriever Beagle Bulldog More

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Steve Colo Springs/ Stratton, CO, United States ... Welby, CO . Tags: puppies colorado rescue puppies colorado puppies for rescue colorado ... toy puppies colorado doberman pinscher puppies eastern colorado boxer puppies lakewood colorado More. Welby Boxer Puppy 649859 | PuppySpot. More

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The Doberdor is usually described as a large-sized dog. Although, as is always the case with newer dog breeds, exact size standards might vary. Most weigh in at 60 to 100 pounds and range in height... More

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Similar to its purebred parent breeds, a Doberdor will be a large dog. On average, this dog breed will weigh between 60-100lbs/27-45kg and grow up to 24-28inches/61-71cm in height. It’s not always guaranteed that these designer dogs will fall into this range; they sometimes are just outside this bracket. Most of the time, though, the Doberdor ... More