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Northern Inuits came to the small screen in 2011 when they featured in HBO’s Game of Thrones, the very successful TV show adapted from George R R Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire series. Northern Inuits bred by Northern Inuit Society breeders were selected to play both the puppy Direwolves and the adult Direwolves in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. More

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Northern Inuit Female Dogs can have anywhere from five to twelve puppies in one litter. They typically only have one litter every year or every two years. How Big Do Northern Inuit Dogs Get? Yes, the Northern Inuit is a medium to large dog breed. Males are larger than females and weigh more, ranging from 79 to 110 pounds. More

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The average lifespan of a healthy Northern Inuit Dog is about 12 to 14 years. This is an average life expectancy for most dogs, and usually doesn’t go much above 15 years. It is nevertheless a respectable age, making the Northern Inuit Dog a long-lived and sturdy breed. Of course, you can’t expect nature to take care of everything. More

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Mountain Myst is one of only three active registered Northern Inuit breeders in the United States. Sharon O'Garro saw a Northern Inuit walking down the street in England, find out what happened next and get to know your breeder. Read More > Hybrids We also breed low-content Malamute/Wolf Hybrids More

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Mahlek Kennels are the Founding Breeder and Licensed Breeder of the Northern Inuit Dog. 2014 through to 2018 Northern Inuit Society Kennel of the Year! We are very proud to be the name behind all breeding lines of Northern Inuits. Today we are still breeding top quality Northern Inuits, including the first ever NI with a BVA Hip Score of Zero! More


Mountain Myst Northern Inuits Website: www.mountainmystnortherninuits.com Email: mountainmystnortherninuits@yahoo.com Breeder: Sharon O'Garro. Location: Pueblo, Colorado. Phone: (719) 661-0571 We are in the process of adding a link extension Web site which is currently being developed, however it is not yet ready to be used, so please visit our regular main web site address shown above for now. More

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Below are pictures from past Mahlek litters. Check out Mahlek Dogs and Bitches page for pictures of adult Mahlek dogs. We sometimes also have Older dogs looking for new homes, feel free to contact us for details. Pics from 2015 litters Delu & Nookie puppies Lexie & Asbo puppies (Asbo & Yum Yum puppies) Pics from 2014 litters More

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Our Mission Helping unite Northern Inuit Owners in the United States and Canada Welcome to the Northern Inuit Society of America (NISA). Our mission is to get our favorite breed recognized by the AKC and other club organizations while establishing awareness of this magnificient breed of dog in North America. Rules and Regulation More

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Sharon O'Garro & Mountain Myst Northern Inuits. We live in Monument, Colorado surrounded by the beautiful evergreen and Bur oak brush mountains and foothills that are often mist laden, appearing mysterious and wild, perfect as it reflects the mystic look that our pack of Northern Inuits possesses, the first “Mountain Myst Northern Inuits ... More